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Bent 101 now airing on Seven!

Recently I came on board Image Fusion‘s comedy series, Bent 101, as Executive Producer. This is a laugh out loud series, written by two fabulous female showrunners, and Seven has picked it up for broadcast.

From Monday 29th May, you can catch Bent 101 on 7flix at 2pm daily. Then from Monday 5th June at midnight and midday each day. Or if you’re a binger like me, gobble the whole thing up in one go on Plus7. If you like comedy, this show is worth 20 minutes of your time – guffaws guaranteed! Sneaky tip, in ep 2 you can see naked senior citizen butt… I don’t want to be ageist but naked senior citizen butt is funny!

We have done some serious deep-earth googling, and are pretty sure, this is THE ONLY COMEDY SERIES on commercial free-to-air TV which has ALL-FEMALE SHOWRUNNERS (and a female Executive Producer, ie me 😉

Kudos Seven for embracing comedy AND for bucking the status quo!

Starring Shondelle Pratt and Aussie legends of comedy Lex Marinos, Maggie Blinco and Belinda Giblin. Written by Jane Eakin and Shondelle Pratt.
Read more at Bent101.com or follow us //www.facebook.com/Bent101TV/