See Australia & Die

The true stories of the not-so-lucky tourists who visit Australia’s magnificent natural wonders in search of a holiday to die for. And get exactly that.

SEE AUSTRALIA & DIE is an irreverent mockumentary/horror/tourism-porn digital series, based on true stories. A totally original twisted show that takes you on a journey to the most beautiful places in Australia and shows you their dark side. The really really really dark side.

Putting the “gore” into our glorious countryside, this series is based on the top-selling book of the same name. Together with Wendy Lewis, the author of the book, and Jane Eakin, a writer/director with a long history of making entertaining content, we retell the true stories of those not-so-lucky tourists who visited our lucky shores in search of a holiday to die for. And got… exactly that. These tales of real life misadventures have a body count that would put the Darwin awards to shame.

Wwriter, Wendy Lewis is a a multi-faceted writer: an established author and dramatist. A series based on See Australia and Die combines her love for script–writing, comedy, true crime, drama, black humour and theatrics. And, of course, for Australia. The book is well-suited for adaptation to screen. It’s a collection of narratives about tourist deaths and misadventure in Australia categorised according to type of death, eg; death by snake bite; death by getting lost in the desert; death by falling off Uluru; death by cassowary (true). The text is just waiting to come to life and combined with stunning desert landscapes, oceans and bushland would be a visual feast.

Writer & Director, Jane Eakin has extensive experience in commercial copywriting and directing, and has written and directed a number of award winning short films, across varying genres. The strength of Jane’s films are the characters that she brings to life. With this project Jane wants to create a new comedy that is a worthy ambassador for our country to the rest of the world.

Format: VOD/Web series
Audience: 18-24 years – male skewed
Status: in development