Scrap Metal Hearts

Following the death of her mother, Stephanie creates a magnificent scarecrow out of metal objects and materials she finds around the family farm. In an effort to raise money quickly to keep the failing farm from being sold, she enters it in a sculpture competition but when a jealous schoolfriend burns it to the ground, she risks losing her best friend, her first love and what’s left of her family.

Writer/Director, Jane Eakin has worked in the television industry for over 20 years. She was the Creative Director for Network Ten for 7 years, and in 2008 Jane decided it was time to challenge herself in drama. Since then she has written and directed 6 short films, 4 of which are award winning, and all of them have played around the world. Her latest film “Road” has just been distributed in Japan. Each film deals with a different genre; comedy, horror, human drama, but they all seem to find their way back to the same damn themes – love, family, redemption.

Format: feature film
Audience: 14-110 years
Status: development


Image: Dakota © John Lopez