Red Ink

A supermarket express line, at Christmas time. Everyone is tired and in a hurry.
Fearing the wrath of Stalin if he fails, Gideon tries to purchase a packet of SAOs for the dictator. As other shoppers keep him from his important task, Gideon’s anxieties escalate and every decision leads to a tragic end.

RED INK was directed by Alex Ryan and awarded the prestigious Lexus Short Film Fellowship.
The film stars Oscar Redding (Van Diemens Land), Genevieve Hegney (Riptide, Janet King, The Kettering Incident), Jordan Cowan (Jade of Death) and newcomer Kaan Guldur (who’s since gone onto audition for Stephen Spielberg and be cast as lead in a forthcoming top secret Warner Bros feature, and perform with Justin Bieber as part of his 2017 Australian tour).

Format: short film
Audience: 25-65 years
Status: premiere at Sydney Film Festival 2017
Trailer: //