When Nikki accepts an apartment in an eco-lodge, she thinks she’s set for the summer, but Jan, the lodge owner, has plans to keep her… for life.

RECYCLED is unashamedly a thriller, yet it’s an “elevated” genre film. It tells the story of everywoman Nikki who, being the good daughter, moves to be close to her ill father. As the drudgery of this life begins to take hold, Nikki’s curiosity about a secretive neighbour leads her to uncover the secret to her eco-warrior landlord’s cheap rent. But there’s no happy ending, our everywoman is not a hero, she’s a fly trapped in a spider’s web. Nice guys sometimes do finish last, even if we feel sorry for them.

Creator/Director, Jane Eakin is a well-respected television professional. She has worked in the television industry for over 20 years, in marketing, branding and promotions. She was the Creative Director for Network Ten for 7 years, creating their award winning “seriously” brand and promoting Network Ten as the cheeky younger brother of commercial TV. In 2008 Jane stepped into the freelance world and has written and directed 6 short films, 4 of which are award winning, and all of them have played around the world. Her latest film “Road” has just been distributed in Japan. Each film deals with a different genre; comedy, horror, human drama, but no matter what the genre, her work connects with audiences and moves them.

Format: film
Audience: 18-45 years
Status: development