Maude’s Magnificent Mystical Maverick Superpower

A tween girl tries to fix her complicated life with her newly acquired superpowers… but controlling them is another story

Maude wants to believe she can control her complicated life with her newly acquired superpowers…
Poof! There goes Dad’s anxiety. Poof! Her Mums new partner will move out. Poof! She can cure her mums “adult illness” and stop her brother from running away. Poof! She can stop her period from ever happening.
But life is never that easy, is it?

CREATOR/WRITER Rebecca Ingram is based in regional Northern NSW and has worked solidly in the Australian film industry for over 15 years in various production roles. A few years ago she made the career transition to developing stories for TV and she hasn’t looked back – a finalist with her crime thriller ‘Dog Box’ for the 2017 AWG’s highly competition Prime Time TV Series competition and selected to attend the 2017 Stowe Story Lab with the project. Also awarded the 2017 ADG’s Fellowship for the above activity. In 2015 Rebecca had a TV series optioned by Goalpost Pictures, and is currently undertaking a ‘Creative Producers Attachment’ (funded by Screen NSW) on ‘Every Cloud’s’ youth web series ‘Deadlock’ for ABC.

Format: television series
Audience: children 8-14 years – female skewed
Status: in development

Image © Pathathai Chungyam