Green Onions

Green Onions is a mockumentary series that follows a by-the-book Parking Officer, Jackie, as she patrols the suburban streets. After numerous public complaints, her boss suspects she has aspergers, he sends her on an “empathy, cultural sensitivity and diversity awareness” course. It’s either that or fire her.

Writer/Director/Actor, Sally Dulson is a graduate of Theatre Nepean and New Yorks Upright Citizen’s Brigade. Sally has performed character based comedy in USA, UAE, Asia and Europe for the past decade. Her fine tuned understanding of comedy comes for her experience is street and immersive theatre highlighting her unique understanding of audience perspective. Sally Co-wrote, produced and acted in her short film thriller QUPID in 2014. And in 2015 she made a short film based on the chacter of Jackie, which was nominated Best Comedy Melbourne Indie Film Fest, Winner of WITS Award and Peoples Choice Award Joy House Film Fest. Sally’s first director title of online sketch content #NewParents went viral over night with 1,000 share in 4 days. Sally’s passion is to create bold, authentic, comedy content celebrating the irony and joy of human behaviour.

Format: TV series
Audience: 18-45 years
Status: in development